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Sometimes an artist's heart is awakened at an early age. Such was the case with Donna Mason-Adams. Her muse first appeared in the form of a horse. An avid equestrian since the age of five, she was consumed with the effort of capturing and portraying the spirit of this magnificent animal. Now, years later, having obtained a formal education in fine art with training in draftsmanship and painting, this passionate interpreter of exaggerated realism has let her talent and imagination flow into bronze. 

Although an accomplished painter, Donna's true medium of expression was inspired by her mentor. She fell in love with sculpting at California State University at Northridge. It was there that she developed her talents and skills and most of all, her style. She also had the opportunity to learn the entire process of bronze casting, including mold making and patination. Her understanding of all aspects of this medium allows her to bring life and energy to the metal.  Her ability to bring out the power and beauty of her subjects has become the trademark by which her work is recognized. Her sculptures portray sleekness and place an emphasis on the gorgeous muscle structures of her subjects. Her work also contains those intangible qualities - depth, motion, and a hint of ironical humor, which are found so often in nature herself. Her work can be viewed in numerous galleries throughout the United States.  

Donna lives in Southern California with her two young children. She enjoys various outdoor activities and is inspired by the wondrous beauty nature provides. She is highly regarded for her ability to share the art of sculpting with students of all ages. Her classes and private instruction are available year round and are constantly sought after.